Morel Industries Continues to be a Leader in State-Of-The-Art Foundry Technologies

Seattle, Washington – Morel Industries, a global leader of metal casting foundries, has continued to seek the latest in technology to improve its products and processes.  Today the company announced their latest technological acquisition through the purchase of a ROMERTM portable arm coordinate measuring machines (PCMM).  These state-of-the-art measuring devices are the next generation for precision manufacturing and inspection.

Mark Morel, of Morel Industries explains, “The ROMERTM Arm does two things for us; it allows us to reduce our prototyping time while increasing our pre-production accuracy, and it also allows us to more accurately measure our post-production accuracy which insures our continued production of the World’s most precise foundry and metal casting products”.  There is no doubt this technology raises the bar for the industry and puts the Seattle Foundry as a leader in technological advancement.

As the manufacturing world innovates, precision has become increasingly more stringent requirement.  Precision manufacturing is required for robotic assembly lines where parts must be accurate within sometimes 1/10000th of an inch.  In addition precision casting reduces waste of resources.  “When competing globally, especially with China, we must reduce waste as much as possible, while never compromising the integrity of our alloys.  The ROMERTM Arm, will help us be more efficient, which in turn helps us be more competitive for our customers.”, says Morel.  According to the ROMER website, this technology will give “The ability to quickly measure parts wherever and whenever required allows manufacturers to ensure quality, control processes, reduce scrap and eliminate re-work.”

Morel Industries will continue to identify, test, and acquire technologies to improve its processes.  “We have been in the foundry business for over three generations and we have perfected the craftsmanship, it is now up to my generation to take this old-world craftsmanship and integrate it with the latest in technological advancements in manufacturing.” explains, Morel.  Morel, would not tell us what his next acquisitions will be, but he did say their acquisition plan will solidify their company as having the fastest prototyping and manufacturing turnaround times in the industry.  Morel ends with “Offering the highest quality craftsmanship, with the fastest, most accurate, and efficient manufacturing processes is a winning equation”.  It is hard to disagree.  We will continue to keep a close eye on Morel Industries as they execute their strategic innovation plan.