Every successful business needs the backing of good business partners, and Ballard Brass & Aluminum is no exception. We have an excellent relationship with many business partners who have helped us to attain a high level of product quality and customer service.

Here is a small selection of some of our current business partners:

Morel Industries Partners - American Foundry Society, Hovair Systems, Research Technologies.

American Foundry Society

The mission of the American Foundry Society today is to provide and promote knowledge and services that strengthen the metal casting industry for the ultimate benefit of its customers and society.

AFS also assists member companies and individuals to effectively and efficiently manage all production operations, and to market their products and services.

Click here for more information on the American Foundry Society.

Research Technologies

Research Technologies is a full-service product development group that specializes in precision measurement and alignment systems.

Hovair Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of air bearings and air bearing systems to the material handling industry. Using load modules or transporters and a little shop air to move heavy loads from ½ ton to 1,000 tons and more, is a quick, effortless and cost-effective way to move loads in a high safety area. Terrific load moving systems.

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Morel Industries, Entiat, WA

Morel Industries Steve and Mark Morel are often remembered for their time with Morel Industries in Entiat, eastern Washington. Many old customers and friends are not aware that they have moved back to Seattle and Ballard Brass, and are still trying to locate them through Morel Industries. Click the link to find more information on Morel Industries.