Morel Industries Completes Acquisition Plan of Ballard Brass

Morel Industries announced today that it has completed its acquisition plan and has moved all Ballard Brass assets to Morel Industries and will no longer operate the brand under Ballard Brass.  Morel Industries purchased Ballard Brass back in October of 2000.  In 2006, they moved Ballard Brass to their new state-of-the-art 42,0000 sqft. facility in Georgetown.  However, Morel Industries continued some branding under the Ballard Brass name and as of today, this will end and Morel Industries will solely brand under their company name.

Mark Morel explains, "When we purchased Ballard Brass we wanted to leverage their well-established name and reduce customer confusion.  We feel we have now fully established the Morel Industry brand and our customers solely refer to us a "Morel Industries" and not Ballard Brass, so the time has come".

As part of this final step, has been removed and their new site, will take its place.