Do Your Castings Need Extra Strength & Machinability?

Look no further!

You have found one of the best heat treating facilities for metal castings.

Now you can add the necessary treatment to produce a superior casting with all the properties required for high strength and age hardened casting products.

Here are some of the tremendous benefits to using our heat treat service:

  • Apply extra strength and hardness to aluminum alloys.
  • Enhance the machinability of your castings.
  • Reduce metal fatigue.
  • Tempering to T-4, T-5, T-6, T-7, T-51 & T-61.
  • Rapid quenching and age hardening.
  • Fastest turnaround as we heat treat in-house.
  • Add high strength castings to your product line.
  • Affordable & Cost Effective

As the majority of today's castings are produced with expensive tooling equipment it is not always cost effective, or even possible, to introduce heat treating into your process. The solution is to produce your castings in the normal way and have them heat treated by us as a separate post-process.

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