Castings Impregnating
An efficient and affordable casting porosity sealing service for foundries and die casting companies to ensure that their castings can be subjected to high pressure use within their applications.

The majority of today's castings are fine and totally suitable for regular machinery use. However, when they are subjected to high pressures, their porosity (permeability) causes them to leak. This also tends to lead to sub standard efficiency and deterioration of the application being operated.

Such castings can be found in today's high-efficiency diesel and gas powered engines, generators, transmissions, valves and other such components that operate in high pressure situations that produce huge pressure surges at start-up before returning to normal operating pressures.

Impregnating your castings is the answer.
Casting impregnation is a process that seals the porosity and permeability defects in the castings causing them to resist high pressure liquids and gases during their normal course of operation. Using a specially selected impregnating sealant, the castings are subjected to a vacuum pressure treatment which forces the sealant into the castings and eventually fills the porous voids to produce impregnated castings suitable for high pressure liquid and gas use.

Here are some of the tremendous benefits of Casting Impregnation & Sealing:

        Enjoy increased quoting opportunities.

        Allows you to offer sealed castings as an OEM product.

        Add high-pressure-ready sealed castings to your product line.

        Gives you the opportunity to pursue other lucrative markets - engine and machinery makers.

        A great opportunity to offer superior quality castings at little extra cost.

        And so much more.

Affordable & Cost Effective
As the majority of today's castings are produced with expensive tooling equipment it is not always cost effective, or even possible, to introduce impregnation to the process. The solution is to produce your castings in the normal way and have them impregnated as a separate post-process.

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